Why yoga is important in our life?

Balance is a very important aspect of life that we miss out on a lot. We develop mental and physical ailments mostly because we don’t lead a balanced lifestyle. That is why yoga is important in our life. Yoga is the only system that can solve most of your physical and mental ailments by natural way. Our body, mind, and energy should always be kept in the best condition for living a blissful life. 

Everyone wants to live happily but most of them don’t know how to. The Yoga system was developed thousands of years ago by people who devoted their whole life to the welfare of the ecology around them. Some people associate yoga with religion. It doesn’t belong to any religion or community. The origin of Yoga is not very clear because it was developed in the prehistoric era.

Why yoga is important in our life?

Why yoga is important in our life?

Break the cycle of Karma

Yoga is a systematic way of living consciously. We all live our lives like domesticated animals. We don’t make every decision consciously. Law of Karma: For whatever you do you have to accept its consequence. When we make a conscious decision we don’t have to worry about the consequence because we already know it. When we make an unconscious decision the consequence will not always be desirable always and it’ll bring you pain and suffering.

Birth cycle of karma

Get rid of negative emotions

Most people nowadays are suffering from stress, anxiety, and depression because they can’t manage themselves. Instead of identifying the problem, they make it more complicated by taking medications and consultations. They believe that a consultant who knows nothing about them can solve their problems. Believe it or not the consultants will have problems of their own. Mindfulness and meditation can solve all kinds of metal ailments.Get rid of stress, anxiety and disorder

Improve steadiness and strength

Yoga postures can help you build strength when you do it regularly. They help you solve nervous system irregularities. It improves your flexibility. It reduces muscle spasms. Strengthens your spinal cord. Increases blood flow and reduces heart beat rate. It also helps you sleep better.

strength and steadiness

Improved concentration

Most people lack concentration in whatever they do. Yoga improves your concentration tremendously and you become capable of achieving greatness in life.

Helps cure breathing ailments

We never give any attention to breathing in our lives. But it is our breath that keeps us alive. People who suffer from breathing difficulties take medications and make it more complicated. Learn to breath and most of your breathing ailments will go away. Yoga has taught us many breathing techniques which I have explained in another blogpost.

Pranayama - breathing exercise

Help cure joints and back pain

Just like we don’t know how to breath, we also don’t know how to sit, sleep, or walk. Our postures decide the lifespan of our body parts. Yoga will help you cure joints and back pain.

yoga cure joints and backpain



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