Learn to live blissfully at all situations

Way of living – Path of Yoga for absolute bliss in life

We all live our lives. But for most of us, life is miserable. The reason for that is we don’t know how to manage our body and mind. This is where Yoga comes into play. Yoga teaches us to have control over the body and mind. Way of Living will teach you how to balance your life. In life, you should never go to extremes. Some people spend all their life running after sensual and intellectual pleasures. While others renounce all pleasures. Both are wrong. You should learn to balance your actions in life.

Dive in the World Of bliss & awareness

Practicing yoga will help you experience bliss and awareness. 

Hatha Yoga

Path of postures and breathing exercise

Bakthi Yoga

Path of devotion

Kundalini Yoga

Path of tantra

Jnana Yoga

Path of wisdom

Karma Yoga

Path of action

Nada Yoga

Path of sounds

Benefits of Yoga​

Practicing yoga has a lot of benefits but the main purpose of practicing Yoga is self realization. Some additional benefits include:

  1. Healthy body
  2.  Healthy mind
  3. Sharp intellect
  4. Emotional balance
  5. Reduction of stress and anxiety
  6. Increased will power
  7. Better understanding of life

About Way of Living

Way of living - Path of yoga for absolute bliss

 Yoga helps to organize your body, mind and energy so that you don’t live an accidental life. Though there has been so much information on yoga in media, most of them lack core principles of yoga. Yoga was found in prehistoric period. There isn’t clear record or history to trace it’s origin. Today’s modern science doesn’t have the ability to comprehend how yoga works. The existence is mysterious. Our body is a replica of existence. We have the ability to be one with existence and experience absolute bliss.  

I want to help people live blissfully with the help of yoga.

A must have eBook on Yoga that simplifies complicated philosophy

Yoga for kids and beginners

I wrote this book with kids and adults who don't know much about yoga but are ready to transform their lives through Yoga.