Yoga for kids and beginners book


Yoga for kids and beginners book aims to simplify the complex philosophy and practice of yoga. Yoga is the way through which one can attain absolute bliss regardless of the environment and situation. Yoga means union with existence. We are nothing but a minute part of existence. Our lifestyle has separated us from being in harmony with existence. I feel that it’s my duty to guide people on the right path.

Yoga for kids and beginners book


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Yoga for kids and beginners book

Want to get your child to learn yoga without making it too complicated? This picture book will cover all aspects of yoga and is presented in a way that even kids can understand. The path of yoga varies for each individual and it’s impossible to have common guidance for everyone.

I tried to cover the most basic aspects of yoga so that you can get started. When you start practicing these basics you’ll come to an understanding of which path to concentrate. Here is the list of contents that are covered in this book.

Contents - Yoga for kids and beginners book

This book is written with deep research and practical experience. Anyone can practice these exercises and philosophies. If you have any physical ailments please consult your physician before practicing the exercises. Yoga involves aligning your body, mind, and energy in tune with existence. We’ll start with body postures and breathing exercises and then continue to advanced yoga. If you have any questions during practice, please refer to the frequently asked questions section of the book.
Practice yoga regularly for good results. Nothing will happen overnight. Many diseases arise because of our lifestyle. Follow the path of yoga for a healthy and blissful life.


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