Nada Yoga – Using sacred sound for meditation

Nada or mantra yoga - path of sacred sound

We use sounds and other methods to communicate with each other. Some sounds can also be used to communicate with the existence. Everything in this universe emits its own vibration. Our lifestyle has made us emit negative vibrations all around us and it made our life a suffering. if you realize that it’s time to make this right.

Nada Yoga

Nada yoga uses specific sound vibrations to tune your energies and to develop consciousness. Concentrating single mindedly on the sacred sound will activate deeper levels of consciousness. Attention is the key aspect of this yoga. 

How to Practice Nada Yoga?

Enlightened people usually say that they could hear sounds inside their body and these sounds can make you blissful. But you’ll have to develop your consciousness before you can hear those sacred sounds. So we will create similar sounds ourselves in the beginning.

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