Karma Yoga

Karma Yoga – Action with devotion

What is Karma Yoga?

Karma means to do what you’re supposed to. Karma yoga is a path of yoga by which one learns to perform his duties without expecting anything out of it. Man can’t achieve action less state by not acting. Both attachment and renunciation will not lead you to self realization. Renunciation of action will not lead you to action less state. You can sit idle for few moments; even then your mind will go on. Your body also will not listen to you after those few moments. Thus, it is not possible to achieve self realization but not doing anything. It’s your nature that you have to act. Everyone and everything has a unique purpose for their existence.

Karma Yoga is action with devotion

Just by controlling your physical organs if you think you’ve become action less, you are missing the point. Your mind must also be free from sensual thoughts. By whosoever, controls both the mind and the body, excels in yoga. If you perform any action while having control over your body and mind, it’s called Karma Yoga.

How to practice karma Yoga?

It’ll not be possible for you to even maintain your body without necessary action. You should also earn your livelihood which is
Impossible without action. All your actions must be offerings for God, only then you can achieve the highest good. Those who perform any actions only for himself will set the wheel of Karma. But if you surrender yourselves to God you’ll not be under the wheel of Karma.

The man who is happy by himself and contented with his self, has nothing to do. He doesn’t have any attachment towards his actions or its results. King Janaka is a good example of one who practised Karma Yoga. Karma Yogi should set a standard for others to follow. Even if you’ve everything in this world, you still can’t avoid actions. So fulfil all your duties with devotion to God.

King Janaka

People talk of motivation all the time, and they believe without exception anything in return it is impossible to work wholeheartedly. When you’re already filled with contentment and happiness, there is no need for gratification from end result of an action. First, understand that you don’t need anything to be happy. Learn to have control over your mind and body. Anything can happen around you without your consent. But nothing should happen inside you without your consent. No matter what happens on the outside, you respond with happiness.


What are the hurdles?

The desires are the major hurdles when one practice Karma Yoga. Just as fire is covered by smoke and mirror by dust, our true self is covered by desires. The mind and senses are the seat of desires. By having control over your mind and senses you can control the desires. Our senses are superior to body. The mind is superior to senses. The intellect is superior to mind. The true self is superior to intellect. So find your true selves with the help of God without renouncing actions.

How to overcome hurdles?
Surrender is the way to overcome hurdles. Surrender the results of all your actions to the supreme God. Perform your duties for his sake, and he will take care of you. The supreme God knows what is right for you. You don’t have to make the decisions. Leave everything unto him.

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