Jnana Yoga - Path of wisdom

Jnana Yoga – Path of Wisdom

What is Jnana Yoga?

Jnana yoga is the path of wisdom using which one burns the desires, fear and anger. Knowledge of the highest self is called wisdom. People always get confused between knowledge and wisdom. The highest self is can’t be explained by words. The highest self is not polluted by actions and the fruits of action. He who knows the highest self is Jnana Yogi.
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Nature of the highest self

The highest self was in the beginning before everything was created and it’ll be even when everything is destroyed. The highest self is indefinite, undefinable and unchanging. It is also called Brahman in Upanishads. The Brahman is in everything. Those who realize themselves as Brahman become one with existence. Those who don’t realize themselves as Brahman will fall into the birth and death cycle. The only way to escape the cycle of birth and death is self realization. The Brahman doesn’t have any attributes by itself. It develops attributes when part of it enters into something or somebody. It’ll not be tainted by the actions of the one it’s residing in.

How to realize the Brahman within you?

 Self realization will destroy all dualities in you. We exist as individuals because of our dualities. We have likes & dislikes, good & bad, Me & you, holy & filthy, etc. Once these dualities are lost, you’ll realize your true nature. First, you have to know the Brahman that is omnipresent and forget all differences. Then you’ll be able to love and respect everything that exists. It’s difficult for you know the Brahman by yourself without proper guidance. That is where the master of Jnana Yoga comes.

Who is a master of Jnana Yoga?

To gain knowledge of the Brahman, it’s necessary that you go to a teacher who has realized that he is Brahman. The master sees God everywhere: taste of water, smell of breath, light of sun, sound of ether, feel of earth, and ability of man. He knows God is the life of every living being. He is compassionate to all living beings alike.

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