Bakthi Yoga

Bakthi Yoga – Path of devotion

What is Bakthi Yoga?

Bakthi Yoga means having supreme faith in God and always contemplating on him. God is imperishable, indefinable, manifest, omnipresent, eternal and unthinkable. By contemplating on the unchanging God, you become one with it. Devotees must fix their mind in God at all times. Those who regard God as supreme and  with exclusive devotion at all times will cross the sea of samsara. Without any doubt you’ll have to abide in God. Don’t apply any reason with regard to God, whose is beyond all reasons.

Who should practice Bakthi Yoga?

Only those who can fix their mind on the God at all times without any doubts can follow this path. Else you can follow the other paths of yoga like Raja Yoga, Jnana Yoga and Karma Yoga. These are the qualities of a devotee who is very close to God:
    1. Hates no one
    2. Friendly and compassionate to all
    3. Free from attachment and egoism
    4. Treat pain and pleasure equally
    5. Can endure everything
    6. Always contented
    7. Devoted to God without reasoning
    8. Not afflicted by the world
    9. Free from joy, envy and sorrow
    10. Free from all kinds of desires
    11.  Pure and clever
    12. Same to friend and foe
    13.  Same in honour and dishonour
    14. Eat any food without likes and dislikes
    15. Can sleep anywhere

Bakthi Yoga

How to practice Bakthi Yoga?

 The basic requirement for Bakthi Yoga is absolute faith. To develop faith in God, you need to know about God. Every religion has some kind of written material that explains the nature of their God. Read the scriptures everyday, in the morning, afternoon and evening. Praise the God for every good things that happen. Thank the God for every bad things that happen beacuse it’ll mould you into a better person.

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